Benoît Brisefer: Les taxis Rouges

Synopsis :

At first sight, 10-year-old Benoît Brisefer, seems like any other little boy his age. However, Benoît is endowed with amazing force. All the bandits who cross his path learn this to their own cost. But, unfortunately, no one is perfect… As soon as he catches a cold, Benoît loses his extraordinary physical abilities. Hence he never takes off the woollen scarf wrapped around his neck.
Brave and very determined, he doesn’t hesitate a second to take action to defend his friends. So, when Poilonez – a well known crook – and his gang decide to focus on Mr. Dussiflard, his taxi driver friend, Benoît does all that he can to thwart his plans.

Casting :

  • Léopold Huet
  • Gérard Jugnot
  • Jean Reno
  • Thierry L’hermitte
  • Evelyne Buyle
  • Jean Michel Balthazar