Viva Riva

Synopsis :

Kinshasa, where the sensual and hectic night-life always seems ready to gobble up the time. Some rare privileged persons live the good life there, in defiance of all the outcasts. Those who have nothing envy those who have everything and they just want to become the new kings of night . Riva is one of these dreamers. He returns stinking rich after ten years of absence, willing to live a crazy night of drinking, dance and debauchery with his old friend J.M.Night queen, mysterious and distant, Nora dances and Riva is spellbound. The beautiful belongs to a local boss, but Riva doesn’t care: he needs this girl. Will he have a chance to get her? Riveted “borrowed” his money to his ex-boss, an Angolan gangster who’s hunting him through the city by spreading panic all around him. When the daylight arrives, Riva ends in a dirty corner of the city…

Casting :

  • Patsha Bay
  • Manie Malone
  • Diplome Amekindra